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Vented Cap Fittings

Climax Vented Cap Fittings are available as compound, combination compound or large compound fittings.In addition, there is a Vented Cap Body Grease Fitting with Floating Ball-Taper Cavity.


  • 1234-M114
  • 1234-12
  • 1234-12FF
  • 1234B-12
  • 1234B-12FF
  • 1234-M78
  • 1234B-M114
  • 1234-C114
  • 1236-VC

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Climax Vented Cap Fittings

For installations with valves requiring frequent service, a hand operated 10516 Screwprime Hand Gun is recommended. This gun permits speedier servicing and also prevents waste of sealant and over filling of valves.

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