Climax Pneumatic Lubricant Guns


  • Rocket 280
  • Rocket 380 High Pressure
  • Rocket 380 High Volume

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Climax Rocket 280 Air Powered Hand Gun 

The Climax Rocket 280 Air Powered Hand Gun is designed for dispensing valve lubricants and sealants.

The Rocket 280 sealed-in air motor has a 100 to 1 pumping ratio producing 10,000 PSI sealant pressure at an air pressure to the motor of 100 PSI. The gun operates on an air supply pressure ranging from 70 PSI to 125 PSI. It weighs approximately 17 Ibs. when loaded with sealant. 

The gun uses size "K" stick Sealant (1-1/2" Dia. x 12" Long). The forward stroke of the air motor pumps the sealant and the backstroke acts as a booster compressor to supply the necessary pressure to the forced fed priming system. The gun exhaust is at the rear of the air motor away from the operator.

The Rocket 280 comes complete with the following:

  • 15,000 PSI gauge with protector
  • 1/4" I.D. x 12" Long H.P. Grease Hose (5,000 PSI W.P.- STANDARD) with built in swivels and Giant Buttonhead Coupler with plug

Also available are the Rocket 380 High Pressure (HP 15000-PSI) and Rocket 380 High Volume (HV 10000-LB) air powered hand guns.

Optional Items at an additional cost:

Carrying Strap

Carrying Case

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Climax PPSI-550 Power Pump Sealant Injector

The Climax PPSI-550 Power Pump Sealant Injector is also available in 2015. The Power Pump has a 5" Sealed Air Motor with a 1/2" High Pressure Sealant Piston to deliver sealant to the valve at pressures up to 10,000 PSI on 100 PSI Air Inlet Pressure.

This pump sealant injector contains a 0-15,000 pound PSI gauge with protectors, along with an ID sealant hose and a ball valve and plug/ball valve adapter. It ships complete with an oil injector and also measures the amount of sealant injected.

Customer benefits include:
  • Frees frozen or stuck plugs quickly
  • Eliminates "air lock” in sealant pumps
  • Reduces the risk of sealant can ruptures





  • 120-90 (for 16 Gal. Drum; 120-150 lb.)
  • 10-90-OS (for 5 Qt. Can; 10 lb.)
  • 40-90 MT (for 5 or 6 Gal. Can; 35-40 lb.)
  • 10-90 (for 5 Qt. Can; 10 lb.)

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Climax Model 90 Series Lube Guns

The Model 90 series is a 90:1 ratio pump with at totally sealed-in 3-1/4" air motor which will provide efficient operations at an air inlet pressure of 100 psi, producing 9,000 lbs. of grease pressure. The Model 120 series is a 120:1 ratio pump with a 4" air motor providing efficient operations at an air inlet pressure of a 100 psi, producing 12,000 lbs. of grease pressure.

Model 10 & 40 are furnished with 10” pneumatic tires.

All models are furnished with 10 feet of 3/8” ID (std.) 16,000 lb.-burst High Pressure Grease Hose with 90° swivel on one end and ¼” NPT built-in swivel on the other end, 0-15,000 psi Gauge w/protector, air shut-off valve and necessary Adaptors ready for use.




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"As well as lubricant grease, we recommend also the stem packing products and the lubricant pumps (Hydraulic and pneumatic) for the high reliability and stoutness demonstrated. We would like to highlight also the constant assistance received from Climax in the development of new lubricants for special applications and in the selection of the best lubricant for every application."

Carrying Cases

Carrying Case available for the 1699. (Shown) We also offer cases for the 10516 and Rocket 280 as well on special order.

Packaging Types


Lubricants and Sealants are offered in Bulk and Stick Grade.

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