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Maintenance & Service

Lubrication is essential to the proper operation of valves.  Under normal conditions, periodic application of lubricant to valves is the only recommended maintenance necessary.  The sealant, i.e., soft bearing seat of the valve, requires replacement when depleted due to flow media, operating temperatures, pressures and the frequency of cycles. 

Lubricant maintenance means injecting enough sealant into a valve to provide a sealant film between a tapered plug and body to minimize sticking.  There are three ways to service your Climax Lubricant valves.  These include manual injection, sealant injection using a high pressure hand gun and injection using a Climax Model 10 lube gun.  Each procedure is explained below.

Manual Injection

  1. Remove the valve lubricant screw.
  2. Insert the correct size of valve sealant stick into the stem, considering the line product, pressure and temperature.
  3. Replace the fitting and use a wrench to screw down until the sealant system is completely filled.  Larger valves will require several sticks or tubes of sealant due to their capacity.
  4. Continue to add sealant until the plug lifts, indicating the system is full. You may hear a hissing sound.  When the plug lifts, it will be much easier to turn the screw.
  5. Contact an authorized dealer if the plug fails to respond or remains difficult to turn.
  6. The one piece Climax Fitting can also be used to maintain sealant pressure between injection periods, if used as a sealant screw.
    1. After proper valve lubrication, remove the screw, insert another stick and screw the fitting down.
    2. Pressurize the valve by screwing in the fitting as a sealant screw.
    3. Add additional sealant as needed.

Hand Gun

  1. Use the hand operated 1699 High Pressure Hydraulic or the 10516 Screwprime Hand Gun for valves requiring frequent service.
  2. Choose the proper sealant in "J" or "K" stick size.
  3. Before engaging the coupler, clean away any dirt that has accumulated at the top of the fitting.
  4. Fit the gun's button head coupler over the fitting on the valve.  Users should not attempt to attach or detach a coupler while the gun is under pressure.
  5. Inject sealant by hand, pumping the gun as long as the needle on the pressure gauge climbs steadily.  Continue as long as the valve will take pressure and volume.  The needle will "drop back" when the plug unseats to indicate a fully pressurized system.  Injection should stop at this point and the plug turned to check for operation ease.  If necessary, additional sealant can be injected to purge the line or eliminate air.

Climax Model 10 Gun

  1. Recommended wherever a large number of valves are in service.  The Model 10 is self-priming and air operated.
  2. Choose the proper sealant in a five quart (4.7 liters) can and load it into the Model 10.
  3. Attach the button head coupler.
  4. Fit the gun's button head coupler over the fitting on the valve. Users should not attempt to attach or detach a coupler while the gun is under pressure.


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