Climax Hydraulic Lubricant Guns

Climax Hydraulic Plug Valve Lubricating Gun 1699 and Air/Hydraulic Sealant Gun 1700 are the high quality hydraulic lubricant guns manufactured by Climax.

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Model 1699 High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Gun

For installations with valves requiring frequent service, a hand operated 1699 High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Gun is recommended. This gun permits speedier servicing and also prevents waste of sealant and over filling of valves. The Climax 1699 is self-priming and can be used in any position. Because of its hydraulic principle, this gun has a powerful floating piston to force lubricants, sealants, liquids and packing out of the gun - regardless of viscosity. This specially designed high pressure handgun is light in weight (approximately 16 lb.) and more rugged than most conventional types. All parts are machined with minute accuracy to meet the exacting demands of plug valve sealants. The polished hardened steel piston is perfectly fitted in the high pressure cylinder to provide absolute smoothness of operation.

The gun is equipped with a Climax 1699 Button Head Coupler for connection to the button head sealant fitting in the shank of the valve. This coupler has a built-in feature which locks it to the fitting when the gun is under positive pressure. Due to built-in safety features, the Climax 1699 provides the maximum safety to both the valve and the gun itself. The hydraulic system of the gun is equipped with a relief fitting to protect the gun from injury if the operator were to continue to pump after the gun had been depleted of valve sealant. Also, to prevent damage to the valve and sealant gun, in the event of sealant clogging the system or the operator pumping too fast, a Climax 15,000 psi gauge is provided. This accessory indicates the point at which sufficient sealant pressure has been developed within the valve. The gauge also indicates valve adjustment and other services required.

Optional Accessories (Not Included):

  • Carrying Case
  • Shoulder Strap
  • External Relief

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Model 1700 High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Gun

The Climax Model 1700 is designed for pumping all kinds of valve lubricants and sealants, valve stem packings and leak sealing or thermal setting materials to 10,000 psi max., with 100 psi, 10 cfm air.

The Climax 1700 has the same quality construction as the Climax Model 1699 Grease Gun. Key features include a foot-operated trigger at the pump, with the choice of a 11 or 20 inch barrel length. The weight of the gun itself is approximately 13 pounds.

The flow rate ranges from 35 cubic inches per minute at zero PSI resistance to 4 cubic inches per minute at 10,000 PSI resistance.

Note that an in-line air filter and lubricator should be installed as close to unit as possible. Otherwise, the pump requires four drops of#10 oil in air inlet for each day of use.

RESISTANCE, psi 0 5,000 10,000
FLOW RATE, cu. in./min. 35 10 4
TIME TO EMPTY GUN, min.:sec. 0:28 1:36 4:00

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"As well as lubricant grease, we recommend also the stem packing products and the lubricant pumps (Hydraulic and pneumatic) for the high reliability and stoutness demonstrated. We would like to highlight also the constant assistance received from Climax in the development of new lubricants for special applications and in the selection of the best lubricant for every application."

Carrying Cases

Carrying Case available for the 1699. (Shown) We also offer cases for the 10516 and Rocket 280 as well on special order.

Packaging Types


Lubricants and Sealants are offered in Bulk and Stick Grade.

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