Climax Packing Injection Fittings

Climax Packing Injection Fittings are available with free flow or senior orifice options, along with a Pressure Relief Tool.




  • PI-12
  • PI-12FF
  • PI-14SS
  • 1236-PI
  • PIBT

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Injection Fittings

The patented free flow design of the body grease fitting has been incorporated into our Packing Injection Fittings. Compared to standard floating ball designs, the Free Flow's specially designed spring retainer allows even the heaviest of lubricants and/or sealant to flow freely through the Packing Injection Fitting.

Benefits include:


  • Positive back seating: provided without relying on the presence of back pressure
  • A no "Blow Out" guarantee (when used within design limitations of the fitting); also excellent in extremely cold environments
  • Adherence to the latest revision of NACE (no cold working of materials)




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"As well as lubricant grease, we recommend also the stem packing products and the lubricant pumps (Hydraulic and pneumatic) for the high reliability and stoutness demonstrated. We would like to highlight also the constant assistance received from Climax in the development of new lubricants for special applications and in the selection of the best lubricant for every application."

Carrying Cases

Carrying Case available for the 1699. (Shown) We also offer cases for the 10516 and Rocket 280 as well on special order.

Packaging Types


Lubricants and Sealants are offered in Bulk and Stick Grade.

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